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I never thought of myself as a "crafter". Sure, I enjoyed little projects here and there over the years, but that was my extent. Until I planned my wedding....
I was never the little girl who dreamed of her wedding or had any plans at all what it would be like. Let me tell ya... I LOVED wedding planning, haha. I planned the whole thing from decor to the song list and even wrote the ceremony. My first big venture with decor was Sola Wood Flowers. I took a plunge, ordered some, dyed them, arranged them. Made bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, arches and more - and loved it. After that, it was, "Hmm... What else can I make?" I ended up making the signs, guestboard, a giant "wedding word search" (we had games at our reception), decorated pots for our succulent favors, and well.. pretty much all the decor!
At my wedding, my friends saw the pieces and said how they loved them. One has a local store and asked me to help make some local souvenirs to sell at her shop. I graciously accepted the offer and began planning what I could make and got crafting right away.
I knew for me though - I needed to have some kind of "niche" item that just screams "Jen".. and then it came to me - cat crafts. Anyone who knows me well, knows I'm the crazy cat lady, lol. Taking care of feral cats, rescuing cats that need homes, that's me. Anyway - so began "Made By Scratch Crafts".


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