Helping Keep Our Outdoor Kitty Friends Warm During Cold Temps

I know in my neck of the woods it has been COLD.. really cold!! I always feel bad for all the outdoor cats. Did you know there's ways you can help?

PROVIDE SHELTER: Simple cat shelters can be made out of plastic storage containers. Add straw as a good insulator. If possible, try to have it off the ground to avoid losing body heat into the ground.

FOOD AND WATER: Lots of water sources that a cat may usually go to for fresh water could be frozen. Leave them some water in a thick plastic bowl instead of a small ceramic dish so it takes longer to freeze. Cats also use more calories to stay warm in the winter - so giving them some extra food this winter will surely help!

CARS: Cats will try to find somewhere to stay warm, which may mean in your car. Be sure to give a little bang on your hood before starting it.


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